Black Swan Bazaar & The Fancy Flea One More Time

Here we go again, it’s time for the Fancy Flea.

The great news is that we are now the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer for Polk County and that is so exciting because we will be working with our friends  at Robyn Story Designs to put on a treasure hunt with will give you chances to win wonderful prizes (more on that later).  The Flea is finally coming all the way north on Kentucky Avenue, so don’t stop at the railroad tracks, keep walking north and visit our booth  which is now located in front of our shop.  You can check out all of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ products as well as the art, home décor and designer jewelry in our shop. Continue reading

Black Swan Bazaar to be at the Fancy Flea

It’s that time again and by that I mean it’s time for the Fancy Flea which was voted one of the top 10 flea markets in the country.  There are two a year, one in April and another in November.  The first “Flea” of 2012 is on April 28 from 9:00AM – 4:00PM and will be held, as usual on Kentucky Avenue in down town Lakeland, FL.  If it is like the last one, there will be 100+ vendors selling fabulous furniture, vintage clothing, culinary delights, hand made jewelry, art, flora, shabby chic, cottage décor, and antiques/


Robyn Story Designs will be there with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and yes, the Black Swan Bazaar will be there as well. Our tent will feature our most recent painted furniture efforts as well as treasures from our shop. We will be in space #17 along with SuSu’s Particulars and Flea Chic Fab who will be our neighbors at the show as they will be located in the spaces next to ours.  Just look for the Black Swan Bazaar banner above our tent.

These are just a few photos of the Black Swan Bazaar tent at the last Fancy Flea

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