Washing, Cutting & Giving Burlap Purpose {A Table Runner “How To”}…

What You Will Need for This Project…

  1. Your favorite Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan
  2. Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  3. Stencil & Stenciling Brush
  4. Clean Rag
  5. Burlap {I used 3 yards for my table, measure for your needs}
  6. Embroidery Thread & Large Needle
  7. Scissors
  8. Iron & Ironing Board
  9. Detergent & Bleach
  10. Painter’s Tape


How I Wash Burlap…

I’ve tried a number of methods to wash burlap & really haven’t noticed any difference, so since I’m crazy impatient… I go with the Quick Wash, recommended amount/type of detergent for my washer & bleach. If there is still a chemical smell {which almost all burlap has}, I run it through another Quick Wash before drying.

If your project does’t call for paint, then add the recommended amount/type of liquid fabric softener to your wash.

Your burlap will look like this, but don’t worry it irons out easily on max setting. Some people prefer to hang dry their burlap… I prefer to dry it to help remove some of the lint.


Be sure to remove this from your lint filter!


So this is one step where “Quick” just doesn’t cut it! Slow & Steady wins the race!

Once you’ve determined the width you would like for your runner, slowly pull one thread from the burlap & then pull a second directly next to it. Remember… Slow & Steady!

If you rush, your thread will break!


Once you’ve removed both threads, you will see a “scissor trail”… Cut directly down the center of it for the perfect burlap cut! Repeat this step on the other side & ends to even them up.


Cut directly down the center of the  “scissor trail”.


At this point, I was so excited about adding the red detail that I forgot to document the “fringe step”. Not to worry though; all you need to do is remove threads one at a time until you have your desired fringe length. Repeat this step, taking out the same number of threads on each side of your project.


Once you’re ready for detail, determine the placement & weave your needle under/over pulling the thread through.


After you’ve finished the threaded detail… It’s time for stenciling! Just place your stencil where you’re gonna love it & use a little tape to secure it. Do Not use Stencil Adhesive! I repeat… Do Not use Stencil Adhesive {said the voice from projects past}!

Load your stencil brush with a little of your favorite Chalk Paint® {I used Annie Sloan Pure White}, tap tap on a paper towel to remove any excess & tap tap in the stencil, reloading as you go to get the desired coverage {another step I did not document… where are the kids or the man when I need them to snap a photo of me “tap tapping”? lol}.


Get a little bit of Annie Sloan Clear Wax on your rag, work it in & remove any excess as you go. Don’t worry… the wax Does Not make the burlap hard; it will be just as supple as the rest of the washed burlap.


Now for the best part of this project… Add it to your space with a few of your favorite things, use it… Love it!


The width of your average burlap will yield approximately three runners… Make a couple for friends while you’re at it!


We would love to see what you make, so email us photos with all the details & you may see them posted here on the blog or our Facebook page!