painting fabric {why, yes you can}…

So I’ve been anxious to try painting fabric with Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan since getting in her Color Recipes for Painted Furniture book {so worth the small investment, you should pick one up}. I decided to start with a couple small projects before diving right into the fabulous old chair we have down at the warehouse.

You will need…

-Your piece

-Chalk Paint®

-Clear Wax

-Brushes for painting

-Brushes for waxing


-Clean, dry, lint-free rags

-Artist brushes for any details you’re planning

-Paint can opener {or trusty old spoon}

Note: You may need additional supplies depending on the details you choose to do.

I was so excited to get everything gathered & get started that the only before picture I got was with my iPhone & I didn’t get a good photo of the blemish on the stool that I was hoping to cover {if you enlarge the photo, you can see it on the right hand corner}.

photo copy 2

I ended up putting three coats on the upholstery because I wanted really solid coverage & wanted to cover the spot on the upholstery. I used Chalk Paint® in Aubusson Blue on the upholstery & put a nice base coat of Aubusson Blue on the stool base.


I am very pleased with how the Chalk Paint® is masking the blemish on the fabric after only two coats! If I was not pointing it out, it isn’t noticable at all.


After painting the fabric with three coats and letting it dry overnight, I applied a coat of Clear Wax working it in with the brush & wiped it clean with a clean cloth.



On the base of the stool I added Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey over the Aubusson Blue, distressed it lightly and used clear & dark wax. Below you’ll see that blemish on the upholstery was covered beautifully… very pleased!



Below is the magazine storage that was originally a pattern of several shades of green {see it in the shadows of my Awesome “before” photo?}. I gave it two coats of Chalk Paint® in French Linen & a little freehanded detail in Duck Egg Blue.

After painting the fabric with two coats and letting it dry overnight, I applied a coat of Clear Wax working it in with the brush & wiped it clean with a clean cloth.


Perfect for holding all of our books written by Annie Sloan. Keep this project in mind when you’re out shopping… you can almost always find these magazine storage boxes in random colors/patterns discounted to almost nothing. See past their color! You could even buy mismatched shapes or styles & paint them to coordinate! The possibilities are endless with Chalk Paint®!


Love how these two little projects turned out & can’t wait to get started on the chair at the warehouse!!!


You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of Chalk Paint® & fabric… send us photos of your before & afters!!!


Black Swan Bazaar & The Fancy Flea One More Time

Here we go again, it’s time for the Fancy Flea.

The great news is that we are now the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer for Polk County and that is so exciting because we will be working with our friends  at Robyn Story Designs to put on a treasure hunt with will give you chances to win wonderful prizes (more on that later).  The Flea is finally coming all the way north on Kentucky Avenue, so don’t stop at the railroad tracks, keep walking north and visit our booth  which is now located in front of our shop.  You can check out all of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ products as well as the art, home décor and designer jewelry in our shop. Continue reading

Black Swan Fancy Flea Offerings

Here we go again, the Fancy Flea is coming back to downtown Lakeland and we are so excited. Many of our customers have requested that we do a preview showing of our new painted pieces before we put them out at the Flea. While that is not practical from a time standpoint, we are posting photos of some of the items we will offer for sale this weekend.  These are only items we have painted or repurposed, and yes, most of the painted items are done in Annie Sloan paint and wax.  We will post half of them now and the rest tomorrow.  If you have questions about a piece, you can call us at the shop (Black Swan Bazaar ph: 863-510-5980).  If you wish to purchase a piece call to arrange payment and you can pick it up after 4:00 on Saturday.  Most of these pieces are stored at our home and in our garage, so the staging of the photos is not what I would like it to be (especially the pieces in the garage/shop).  All paint and/or wax is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint unless noted.   Having said that, here we go……….

This top and legs on this buffet are Graphite with a clear wax finish while the body is Versailles with light distressing and a clear and dark wax finish. Continue reading

How To: Duck Egg Blue Coffee Table

As you can see from the before and after pictures, this coffee table was in rough shape when it came to us.  The veneer was in very bad shape, so it had to be removed.  Removing veneer is tedious, but doable if you are patient; especially on older pieces because the veneer was attached by using hide glue and hide glue reacts to steam.  The technique is simple; first, spread an old towel over a section of the veneer, then take a steam iron that is set to a steam setting and iron the towel so that the steam works its way into the veneer. As you are steaming it, take a putty knife or scraper and work it under an edge on the veneer.  As the steam loosens the glue, you will be able to work the putty knife farther and farther under it.  Repeat the process until all of the veneer is removed. Continue reading