Black Swan Bazaar Fancy Flea Offerings Cont.

Good morning everyone, it’s a new day, and as promised, here are the rest of the painted and/or repurposed pieces we will offer at this Saturday’s Fancy Flea in downtown Lakeland.  For those of you who are just joining us, we are previewing new pieces that we have done for the Flea so that our customers will have a chance to see and/or purchase them before they are gone.  We posted photos of 7 pieces in the last post (yesterday) so just go to that post if you want to catch up.  If you have a question about a piece or wish to purchase one, just call us at the shop (Black Swan Bazaar: 863-510-5980).  Today’s pieces are shown below.


These are two message or note boards made from old sash windows and strung with twine.  Very cool. Continue reading


Black Swan Fancy Flea Offerings

Here we go again, the Fancy Flea is coming back to downtown Lakeland and we are so excited. Many of our customers have requested that we do a preview showing of our new painted pieces before we put them out at the Flea. While that is not practical from a time standpoint, we are posting photos of some of the items we will offer for sale this weekend.  These are only items we have painted or repurposed, and yes, most of the painted items are done in Annie Sloan paint and wax.  We will post half of them now and the rest tomorrow.  If you have questions about a piece, you can call us at the shop (Black Swan Bazaar ph: 863-510-5980).  If you wish to purchase a piece call to arrange payment and you can pick it up after 4:00 on Saturday.  Most of these pieces are stored at our home and in our garage, so the staging of the photos is not what I would like it to be (especially the pieces in the garage/shop).  All paint and/or wax is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint unless noted.   Having said that, here we go……….

This top and legs on this buffet are Graphite with a clear wax finish while the body is Versailles with light distressing and a clear and dark wax finish. Continue reading

How To: Hopelessly Hopeful Hope Chest

When this hope or cedar chest came to us, it was more of a “hopeless chest”.  The veneer was in very rough shape with many scrapes and spots where the it had been torn or scraped off. Continue reading

How To: Vintage Looking Message Board

If you have an old picture frame lying around, you have a good start on a really cool message board.  In this case, we started with the gold picture frame pictured.  As you can see it looks rather dated, so we decided to give it a little character by using Annie Sloan paint (Old White) to create the look of an aged patina. Once the frame’s look was where it needed to be, we cut out the body of the message board to fit the frame. Continue reading