We are first and foremost, a consignment shop. We have a great selection of art and hand crafted items created by local artists and artisans.  These items complement our home décor items and help create an upscale environment for our home décor merchandise.  Once we accept items, we tag them with the consigner’s number and price them based on current market prices of the same or comparable items.  The consigner has the option to set the price, however, if we feel the price is such that the item will not move in our shop, we reserve the right to suggest the item be consigned elsewhere.  Our success is based on how quickly we turn our inventory and that is driven by the fact that we maintain fair price points.  We currently offer two classifications of consignment:  Art/Handmade and Home Décor.  Each is described below.

Home Décor – Includes any item such as china, glassware, furniture, books, records, lighting fixtures and lamps, paintings, sculptures and any other home décor items we accept.  When these items sell, we split the sale amount (less credit card fees) on a 50/50 split with the consigner.  All payments are made after the 15th of the month following the sale (example: items sold in the month of February will be paid after the 15th of March).  We do not accept broken or chipped items and all items must be clean and ready to display when we receive them.

Art – Includes fine art and sculpture, pottery, jewelry, and any hand crafted item that is made by the consigner. We try to limit our art and handcrafted items to local artists.  We try to maintain different styles so that our customers will have an appealing selection to choose from.  All items in this category are paid on a 70/30 split of the sale amount (less credit card fees) with 70% going to the artist.

We accept consignment Tuesday – Thursday by appointment only.


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